Check out Plane Ride From Hell – Kwalified x Sirenz

Hip-Hop is a constant changing soundscape.  Borrowing from yesterday’s energy & forming into today’s soundtrack. As MCs, we have to have the courage to remain connected to our core personal artist values, but adapt to the changes in the art to remain fresh.  This isn’t the easiest feat, but with Plane Ride to Hell, Kwalified & Sirenz accomplished just that.

This duo representing the 808 came with a strong 16 track album that ducks and weaves seamlessly through different styles without sounding like it’s trying to please everyone.  From the trap stylings of “Grumble Rap” to the laid back smoker’s vibe of “Tranquilo” to the true school styles of “Death Valley” and “Hello, It’s Me” everything is cohesive and best of all…raw.

It’s only fair to state that I became a fan of Kwalified last summer when I met him at a spot called DOPE in Honolulu.  I did some research on him and had to give myself a late pass for not being up on this sharp skilled MC thus I was checking for his verses on this initially, BUT I was hyped to hear Sirenz was equally as raw on the mic! Very sharp with the flows, timing is ill and word play is direct.  Both MCs place their stamp on each song they rhyme on, holding their own but blending well.

Many people are still discovering the talent in the 808 Hip-Hop scene.  If you are unfamiliar, Plane Ride from Hell is a excellent place to start.  You’ll definitely be searching for more.

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