Hawaii Hip-Hop Feature #2 – Kealoha Mahone

Formerly known as K-Luv, I found out about Kealoha Mahone years ago through the homie Bambu. Kealoha Mahone has an amazing energy and genuine flow that comes through clearly in his music.

Lyrically he navigates through topics ranging from conversations with a higher power, stories of a lost girl, life on the Island and much more.

I’m hoping to catch up with him while I’m out here if time permits, but for now I’ve been bumping his joint “Her Smile.”

Peep it out and check for more on Kealoha Mahone using the links below.


Disclaimer: Before we continue I should reiterate something, it is impossible to capture the full Hip-Hop experience of any place. There are so many artist and layers that one can really only speak to their experience. Thus the same with my Hawaii Hip-Hop post. What I’m aiming for in these types of post is for you to take a look into the sounds of these artists for yourself and dig deeper to get an understanding of what the world is like on their side. Hip-Hop used to be like the news for us. Straight from the source and when done right, we knew the stories of every neighborhood of every rapper we listened to. I would like to push that ideal in these post.