Hawaii Hip-Hop Feature #3 – Kwalified

Any real MC knows, after doing it for a while you develop a Samurai, Highlander, Gun Slinger type of mentality.  You can always tell the moment you ran into a formidable spitter.  The whole energy in the room changes, the exchange of pleasantry is peaceful, but there’s an air of “i’m ill, don’t test me.”  This was the exact feeling when I was introduced to Kwalified a few nights ago @ DOPE.  I knew that very second dude was ill, I got back to my computer, did some research and confirmed my suspicion was correct.

Kwalified is ill and confident, 2 of the best qualities an MC can have.  He is razor sharp on every beat I found him on.  Cocky and fun to listen to.  Just flat out dope.  I was pleased to see he was once part of a crew called Dirty Chucks alongside a few dope MCs including Decimal Grand.  I had the pleasure of meeting Decibel Grand years back the same night I met Matt Martyr.  We cyphered out front of Hip-Hop @ The Trops and I made sure to let folks know about him when I got back to home.

Back to Kwalified, he’s been dropping music consistently over the years & i’m sure he’s on a lot of people’s radar already,  But for those of you who are unaware, you can find his music at the following links.