Hawaii Hip-Hop feature #4 – DJ Technique

If you don’t know by now, you SHOULD know that DJs are the backbone of Hip-Hop. Matter of fact, they are now the backbone of pretty much every music scene. I was fortunate to meet DJ Technique, one of the Hawaii’s illest DJs, about a year ago at Snapback North Hollywood. He was on a west coast tour with a crew of dope DJs including the DJ Packo, DJ Flip, Buddah Bud and Sir Styles. They completely rocked it, combining party rocking with turntablism and precise record selection to keep the people moving. Later that year I got to see Technique in action at Rumfire in Waikiki and it was crazy live, proving that no matter the environment, he gets down.

Siting Q-Bert as his influence Technique began by mastering the skill of turntablism, later moving into spinning House music, then Hip-Hop and many other genres. Along the way, he gained the titles to back the skill as the 3x Mai Tai Bar Hot Island DJ Spin-Off Champion (2011, 2012 & 2013) & the 2014 Bacardi Iron DJ Champion.

If that’s not enough, Technique has a laundry list of artist he’s opened for and radio stations he’s spun at. If you find yourself on Oahu, or anywhere you see Technique’s name on the flyer, that is definitely the place to be.

For more info on DJ Technique check links below: