Smog+Vog+Fog feat Creed Chameleon & Matt Martyr prod by Vinyl Frontiers

What up y’all,

I’m spending the next 2 weeks on Oahu and I wanted to drop this song on you to introduce some MCs from the island.

This song was to be featured on an album produced by Vinyl Frontiers out of Groningen, Netherlands. I ended up needing to fulfill the label obligation to put out what would ultimately end up being Hometown Foreigner, so that project was put on hold.

I wanted to do a song to feature cats I’d met in Hawaii at a show I headlined called Hip Hop at the Trops put on by folks Jus Bone host of the Got Rice Show on KTUH 90.3 FM. So when I got back home, I picked this beat and sent it to Creed Chameleon whom I’d already worked with and Matt Martyr (formerly Yung Matt) who was moving from Honolulu to San Francisco at that time.

The Smog+Vog+Fog title is pretty self-explanatory, but for those that need it. Los Angeles = Smog + Honolulu = Vog (Volcanic Fog) + San Francisco = Fog.

I wanted to create a space for us to show love to where we are from and for them to speak to the feeling of leaving home to follow their dreams.

Hope you enjoy it. More Hawaii Hip-Hop to come!