#TBT – Oddisee – Outro flow Feat Toine & Trek Life

You’re correct to say “Trek, this ain’t really a throwback though.”  However, it is a feature that many people don’t realize I was on.  Many other TBT (TrekBackThursdays lol) will get into how I met Oddisee and the tours, shows, difficult times and different paths we ended up on, but this particular song represents what I would consider the conclusion of my part of our meeting. Of course not of our personal friendship, but of the dreams we discussed and set out to accomplish when we started working together.

When Odd hit me up to do a verse on this song I was a little shocked.  I hadn’t been featured on anything notable in a while and was coming off the heels of yet another “critically” successful, but monetary failure in Hometown Foreigner.  It’s difficult to face the reality in music that intangible factors can affect the success of your music.  How you’re perceived by the people and your label that pushes your music is one of those factors.  

Ugly truth is, you can work your ASS OFF and still not achieve the results you dreamed of.  This song…this verse was the perfect time to express the feeling once realizing that ugly truth.  I was ready to call it forreal, not in a self-loathing way, but a realistic time to move on and see what else life has for me way.  However, the very last words of the verse are the most honest…

Shout out to my man Toine of the crew DTMD