#TBT – Trek Life – I Am prod by DJ Khalil

Hard to believe this album is over 10 years old.  It doesn’t necessarily seem like yesterday, but 2005 is a lifetime away.  There are about 1000 stories to go along with the production, release and “WTF happened?” of my 1st official album Price I’ve Paid.  The story behind this track is interesting enough.

I met Khalil at El Cid for a show my man Kev Sakoda got me on.  I was given the opportunity to open for Self Scientific.  I remember being crazy hyped because I played their Self Science album nonstop at the time.  We kinda pulled a shitty opening act move and held up the show til Self Scientific got there because Kev felt that if Khalil was able to see me rock we could introduce the idea of working with him.  Turns out he was right.  We talked for a short stint at the show and met up the next week at the studio.

There’s no magical moment after that.  Khalil is a very professional producer who wasn’t really a huge talker…at least with me.  But I was so hyped to work with him I had this joint written and prepared from jump.  He was basically like “cool, go ahead and knock that out.”  I do remember being so nervous in the lab that I needed several takes to just get this one verse right.  That being said, shout out to the homie J Thrill and of course to Khalil for being part of my 1st official album.