Trek Life Wednesday Banger #11 – Organized Konfusion – Thirteen

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This song is UNDENIABLE.  I used to try to listen to this album start to finish and get stuck with this track on repeat for an hour before I could move on.  This is bad mood music. This is “…fuck away from me…” music. This is bawl your face up the entire time and nod your head aggressively music.  This is a perfect representation of the raw nature of MC’ing done perfectly with reckless abandon style wordplay and no regard for softening up the quality of the art.  WHEEEEEEEEWWWW!!!!

Sidenote: The only DJ i’ve ever heard play this is @djmarkluv.  That’s a damn shame, but it is a fact.

Organized Konfusion – Thirteen

This song is off the 1994 release Stress: The Extinction Agenda

You can peep the full album here –>>