Who’s ready for the NBA Playoffs? Me…kinda

YEEEESSSS!!! It’s that time of the year when the best basketball players in the world clash in test of will, skill and strategy to claim the coveted Larry O’Brien trophy. Admittedly, I’m usually more of a fan of the NBA’s regular season than the playoffs.  Parody in the NBA is seemingly hated by fans, players and executives *cough..CP3 collusion…cough* but this year things are fairly wide open.  GS is banged up, CLE is down 1 star and neither team has looked absolutely unbeatable to me anyway so hopefully we get something new in the Finals.

Unfortunately, I don’t like many of the 1st round match-ups we got.  I would’ve LOVED to see OKC/GS in the 1st round (I mean…let’s just dive right into it right…lol) but we get a Jazz/OKC match-up that is tough for both teams.  Two teams I really wanted to see in the 2nd round.  Also, I would’ve preferred just not seeing the Spurs in the playoffs at all this season…ugh.

All in all it’s about to go down and it should be an exciting one unlike last season.   Who do you want to see win it all?